Pasture Progress

      This is an historical account of the changes in the 20-acre pasture portion of the property from month to month. The field and forest have had no pesticide, herbicide or plowing in the past number of years and should be considered as a testament to the natural way the plants and animals work together for a better yield. The bacteria that helps to nourish the root systems of many plants and nematodes and earth worms that help aerate the soil are destroyed when man tries to produce the yield of a singular crop.

      Click on the monthly links for a wider and more detailed year by year view of the field as the native grasses begin to take over within the pasture without any chemicals. The following photographs give a quick glimpse as to the changes each month.

Annual Monthly Comparisons

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Month to Month Comparison

May 2023                       To be added soon

April 2023                      To be added soon

March 2023                    To be added soon

February 2023             

January 2023               

December 2022           

November 2022           

October 2022               

September 2022          

August 2022                

July 2022                      No photographs taken

June 2022                     

May 2022                        

April 2022                     

March 2022                   

February 2022             

January 2022                

December 2021            

February 2021              

Updated 20 May 2023