An experiment in preserving our future,
one tree at a time.

Living with nature as my teacher,
there is so much more to learn.
Realizing how little mankind actually knows,
we can only hope our teacher will live on.

If we don’t take care of the environment, who will?

Coastal temperate rainforests once covered 1% of the Earth. Now, less than half now remains. And out of the original 1.9 million acres of redwood forest – only 106,000 acres of old-growth forest are standing, less than 5% remain. Working on the local level, each property owner can take the responsibility as steward. The culmination of the many will allow for a better future for the next generations.

Making use of permaculture as the basic protocol, you should familiarize yourself with the native plants, insects, and predators that inhabit your region and planting area. Make note on which parts of the garden get the most sun and identify the slopes in the landscape that could allow rainwater to pool. By planting flowers that attract butterflies and growing herbs that repel harmful insects from fruit trees, and making use of nitrogen-fixing, green manure crops will gradually increase the nutrients in your soil over time.

A goal of regenerative/restorative farming is to rebuild soil biology and reduce need for fertilizer, and — yes — fertilizer still has its place when used judiciously.