Self sufficiency depends upon a great number of factors. Perhaps the most important of these is having fresh water readily available. Luckily, there appears to be a small spring that has been wet the entire year that I have explored the property. Notice in the photograph where the water is coming out. It will be interesting to find out how pure and drinkable the water is without having to use major filtration. More on this topic later.

      There is a small pond on the property as well which is filled with the runoff from a depression but is apparently only a wet weather pond. This is possibly due to either the water leaking through the dam and/or having a great number of trees growing inside the area where the water level would cover. This may take some time to correct so that the pond will once more become a viable source of usable water for the wildlife in the area. The following photograph was taken at the end of February of 2022. Notice the size of the pine trees within the edge of the pond.

“According to federal data, 29% of Utah’s hay harvest, by value, is exported overseas, with about two-thirds going to China.” – The Salt Lake Tribune

“Regenerative agriculture is bringing the soil back to life.” – Derek Heckman

Updated 15 December 2022.