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      One way of evaluating the success of an experiment like this is to view it through periodic photographs. The health of the land can be measured in many ways but one of the primary ways I prefer is to find out what type of plant life and animal life makes their home in the area. The list below is an account of how the “improvements” to the land may be measured in what species can be found between the initial observation and later.  Sometimes, it is best to let nature find a cure to the scars mankind inflicts upon the soil.  The bacteria that helps to nourish the root systems of many plants and nematodes and earthworms that help aerate and fertilize the soil are quickly destroyed when man attempts to set out to improve for a greater amount of food of a singular crop or the number of cattle that can graze down a pasture one acre at a time. This works for a short term but is shown to be devastating for the long haul. Information will be added as new items are found.

Updated 13 January 2023